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HIPAA Hurdles in 2015

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates, HIPAA Enforcement, Privacy & Security

Nearly a year ago, as described in an earlier blog post, one of my favorite health industry journalists, Marla Durben Hirsh, published an article in Medical Practice Compliance Alert predicting physician practice compliance trends for 2014.  Marla quoted Michael Kline’s prescient prediction that HIPAA would increasingly be used as “best practice” in actions brought in… Continue Reading

Connecticut Supreme Court Recognizes Individual’s Right for State Tort Action Using HIPAA as Standard of Care

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

The Connecticut Supreme Court handed down a decision in the case of Byrne v. Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C., — A.3d —-, 2014 WL 5507439 (2014) that [a]ssuming, without deciding, that Connecticut’s common law recognizes a negligence cause of action arising from health care providers’ breaches of patient privacy in the context of… Continue Reading

Countdown to September 22nd — Shortcuts for Business Associate Agreement Compliance

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

The deadline for executing a HIPAA Omnibus Rule-compliant Business Associate Agreement (BAA) looms just 2 short weeks from today.  What can a busy covered entity (CE) or business associate (BA) do quickly to show HHS (let alone its business partners/contractors) that it wants and fully intends to comply with the new requirements?  Here are  3 shortcuts… Continue Reading

When the Long Arm of HIPAA Reaches into Mergers, Acquisitions and Asset Sales of Health Care Practices

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

Michael J. Coco writes: If you have ever bought or sold a business, or you have experience with the process, you are aware of the due diligence efforts and multiple agreements required to close the deal. Transactions involving the sale or purchase of health care related business, such as a medical practice, often take the… Continue Reading

More on Considerations for Entering into or Revising Business Associate Agreements

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

My partner Elizabeth Litten and I were interviewed by Marla Durben Hirsch for her recent article in Medical Practice Compliance Alert entitled “Evaluate Relationships Before Signing Business Associate Agreements.” While the full text can be found in the February 3, 2014 issue of Medical Practice Compliance Alert, the following considerations are based upon points discussed… Continue Reading

“Boilerplate” Provisions in Business Associate Agreements Warrant Attention

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

Michael J. Coco writes: The expanded requirements under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule for a Business Associate Agreement (“BAA”) has created an increase in volume and the need for analysis of such agreements, as individuals in industries traditionally unrelated to health care – such as IT vendors –find themselves confronting issues respecting a BAA. The increase… Continue Reading

Springing, Shifting, and Slip-Sliding Business Associate Agreements

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

What do you do if you have signed a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with a covered entity, but are getting protected health information (PHI) from the covered entity in conjunction with health care treatment you provide to the individual? What if another covered entity provider has contracted with you to provide services to that provider’s… Continue Reading

A Business Associate Agreement Dilemma: To Indemnify or Not to Indemnify – Ten Considerations

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

A party (Party) to a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) or Subcontractor Agreement (SCA), whether a covered entity (CE), business associate (BA) or  subcontractor (SC), may struggle with the question as to whether to agree to, demand, request, submit to, negotiate or permit, an indemnification provision (Provision) respecting the counterparty (Counterparty) under a BAA or… Continue Reading

Lost in the Shuffle: The September 23 HIPAA Notice Requirements

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates, HIPAA Enforcement, HITECH Act, Omnibus Rule, Privacy & Security, Uncategorized

Our partner Keith McMurdy posted a timely summary of the requirements of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule for employers and benefit plan sponsors at his Employee Benefits Legal Blog.  It is reproduced below: Lost in the Shuffle: The September 23 HIPAA Notice Requirements By Keith R. McMurdy on September 6, 2013Posted in Plan Administration, Welfare Plans… Continue Reading

The Parade of Major Reported PHI Breaches Jumps Ahead to 646 – Part 2: Business Associates Continue to Augment the Numbers

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates, Security Breach Notification

This blog series has been following breaches of Protected Health Information (“PHI”) that have been reported on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) ever-lengthening parade list (the “HHS List”) of breaches of unsecured PHI affecting 500 or more individuals (the “List Breaches”).  As reported in a previous blog post in this series,… Continue Reading

Urgent – Verify Your Business Associate and Subcontractor Agreements by This Friday 1/25/13 to Qualify for Extension

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

The September 23, 2013 deadline for updating Business Associate Agreements is extended for one year under the Omnibus Rule for covered entities who have compliant Business Associate Agreements in place by Friday, January 25, 2013. This also applies to agreements between Business Associates and their subcontractors. Covered Entities and Business Associates (as well as Business… Continue Reading

Proposed HITECH Regulations Require Business Associates to Police Subcontractors Receiving PHI

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

  On Thursday, July 8, 2010, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced proposed modifications to the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules implementing the HITECH Act.  The proposed modifications include new requirements on business associates with regard to their subcontractors.   The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) within HHS proposes to include in the definition… Continue Reading

Covered Entity Liability for Business Associate Ignorance of Breach under HITECH — Really?

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates, HITECH Act

For covered entities (CEs) who have tight privacy and security measures in place, the breach notification requirements under HITECH (amending HIPAA) might not seem especially onerous.  But what about breaches the CE doesn’t know about?  What if the CE’s business associate (BA) fails to report a breach of unsecured health information?  What if the BA… Continue Reading

One Man’s Scrap Paper …. (part 2)

Posted in HIPAA Business Associates

  On my previous post, I left open the question of whether UPS is on the hook under HIPAA for the box of medical records that ended up in a paper scrap resale warehouse.  The brief response is not under HIPAA.  The federal government has expressly stated that mail carriers are not considered business associates… Continue Reading