Last week, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) added a new data section on its Compliance and Enforcement Web Site.  The new section can be viewed at  The public can now access enhanced information about several aspects of OCR’s enforcement program, including:

  • Charts showing state-specific case investigation results;
  • Calendar-year enforcement-results graphs and charts;
  • Calendar-year graph showing complaint receipts; and
  • Yearly variation in the issues in cases resolved through corrective action.

Below is a chart posted on OCR’s new data section illustrating enforcement results for New Jersey:

pie chart showing enforcement results for New Jersey:
No Violation:  13%.
Corrective Action Obtained: 20%.
Resolved after Intake and Review:  67%.

 Another interesting chart lists the top five types of complaints for each of the last 5 years.  It is worth noting that between 2003-2007, the top 4 types of complaints were exactly the same, in the following order: 

  • #1 – Impermissible Uses and Disclosures
  • #2 – Safeguards
  • #3 – Access
  • #4 – Minimum Necessary

The last spot has changed from 2003 through 2007, with last year’s number 5 spot being taken by "Notice" issues.