On Thursday, July 17, 2008, National Constitution Center Conferences is offering a 60-minute Live Audio Conference called “Electronic Health Records:  Keys To Compliance” during which I will discuss many of the legal issues, challenges and practical solutions to utilizing electronic health records. Some of the topics and questions I will cover include:

  • Electronic Health Records and Security under HIPAA
    • Keys to balancing access to EHRs with privacy & security
    • Medical Identity Theft Prevention laws & EHRs: How do state laws apply?
    • Evolving privacy & security standards of EHRs
  • Security Breaches: Avoid the Common Pitfalls
    • How to effectively respond when a security breach occurs
    • Security Breach Notification laws
    • Privacy Issues regarding access, wireless networking and HIPAA audits
  • Keys to Drafting Compliant EHR Management Policies
    • Ways employees can jeopardize patient data – and how to safeguard it
    • How should EHRs be stored and who should have access to them?
    • How often should your program be audited to ensure compliance?

The Audio Conference will also offer a LIVE Question and Answer session during which I will respond to questions posed by participants.  For more information on this live Audio Conference, visit www.constitutionconferences.com.