CMS should improve its oversight of its electronic health record incentive program, according to a report by the Office of Inspector General released this month.   The government watchdog agency faults CMS for both inadequate prepayment safeguards and insufficient postpayment monitoring of recipients of federal funding intended to help cover the costs of adoption and implementation

A former researcher at UCLA has the dubious distinction of being the first person sentenced to prison under HIPAA for snooping through medical records.

The Justice Department press release reports that the researcher, Huping Zhou, who admitted to illegally reading private and confidential medical records, mostly from celebrities and other high-profile patients, was sentenced to

While attention has been focused on the security risks posed by laptops, smartphones, flashdrives and more sophisticated electronic devices, humble office photocopiers have been quietly accumulating personal data on hard drives most of us didn’t know were there.  A CBS News investigation reveals the ease with which clever identity thieves can access reams of data for the price of a used