According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS), electronic health record (EHR) systems can potentially imbue enough cost reduction to pay for the cost of the system in under two years’ time!   Despite growing enthusiasm and awareness of the benefits to patients, physicians have been slow to adopt EHRs often citing cost as an major obstacle to implementing an EHR.  Therefore, studies like this one which demonstrate that a positive return on investment is possible will be key to convincing skeptical physicians to part with their paper record systems.  

To find out more about the study design and findings, read on . . . Continue Reading Study Shows EMR System Can Pay For Itself Within 2 Years

Do we really need more rules to protect health information?  Certain health experts seem to think so.   Dr. Deborah Peel, a psychiatrist and founder of Patient Privacy Rights Foundation, believes that "thousands" of electronic databases that contain patients’ health records exist, and that those patients don’t have any way to keep their personal information from being shared with third parties.  Continue Reading Health Experts Say Privacy Rules Needed for e-Health Records

Hartford Business Journal recently reported that privacy groups are sounding alarms as the nation’s largest insurance companies finalize plans to allow millions more customers to post their health records on the Internet.  Insurers like Hartford-based Aetna Inc. say Web-based tools help patients and physicians keep track of medical information while potentially holding down spiraling medical costs.  The articles stated that about 100 million insurance customers in the U.S. have access to Web-based tools, but companies don’t have an estimate of how widely they are used. Insurers hope to at least double the technology’s reach by the end of next year . . .Continue Reading Insurance Companies Finalize Plans to Post Electronic Health Records On The Internet