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Employers should limit PHI that they provide with respect to medical examinations of employees and job applicants and in other contexts to the least amount of medical information necessary for evaluation in order to avoid potential violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act, State workers’ compensation laws and other statutes.
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Many people who have been in the unfortunate situation where they believe that their protected health information (PHI) has been compromised inappropriately, are often surprised and deeply disappointed to learn that the HIPAA law does not provide a “private right of action.”
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The recent Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) resolution with Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, the state Medicaid agency (“Alaska Medicaid”), which includes the payment by Alaska Medicaid to HHS of $1.7 million respecting possible violations of HIPAA, raises questions as to the exacting of payments by HHS from a state agency that funds medical care for the Alaska indigent from taxpayers.
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The Department of Health and Human Services list of breaches of unsecured PHI affecting 500 or more individuals includes focused guidance for covered entities and business associates in the form of brief summaries of the cases that the federal Office of Civil Rights has investigated and closed.
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Within the last week, The Boston Globe has reported that venerable Boston Children’s Hospital, the primary pediatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, has notified the public media and affected individuals of a large PHI security breach that occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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On March 30, 2012, a large data security breach, which has not yet been posted on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services list of breaches of unsecured PHI, was experienced by the Utah Department of Technology Services on a computer server that stores Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program claims data.
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On February 24, 2012, HHS posted number 400 on its ever-lengthening list of breaches of unsecured PHI affecting 500 or more individuals. Theft of laptops is a recurrent source of such breaches, and the 400th breach was such an incident affecting Triumph, LLC in North Carolina.
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