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It is noteworthy that there are often substantial delays in disclosures regarding covered entities (“CEs”) that have become marchers in the Parade of large Protected Health Information (“PHI”) security breaches
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Elizabeth Litten and Michael Kline write:

For the second time in less than 2 ½ years, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (the “FSSA”) has suffered a large
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As of January 1, 2013, there were 525 postings on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services list of breaches of unsecured PHI affecting 500 or more individuals. “Theft” constituted the majority of PHI breach types reported.
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Within the last week, The Boston Globe has reported that venerable Boston Children’s Hospital, the primary pediatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, has notified the public media and affected individuals of a large PHI security breach that occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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HHS should provide notice and guidance about its change in URL address for its list of PHI security breaches involving over 499 individuals.
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